E-Commerce Web Optimization

  • User Research
  • Personas
  • Luxury E-Commerce
  • Google Analytics
  • Behavior Flow
  • A/B Testing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Drip Campaigns

Photo Credit: Josefina Santos

Leveraging a Strong Brand

MOLA SASA is a Colombian, ready-to-wear (RTW) luxury fashion brand known for handcrafted statement pieces. With bold design and a noble mission of empowering indigenous women, the brand launched an e-commerce website in 2017. Product awareness grew and their cult following of Instagram-ing, textile lovers helped support sales. However, retail is a saturated market and MOLA SASA needed an e-commerce strategy tailored to their luxury audience.

My Role

From Fall 2015 to Spring 2018 my freelance role quickly evolved from graphic design to digital design and strategy. I fell in love with the company’s mission and began doing their social campaigns, email marketing and eventually a WordPress e-commerce website. I worked directly with an in-house team of designers and cross-functionally with a marketing specialist hired to provide insight into e-commerce strategy.

The Launch

In 2017, we launched a WordPress e-commerce website to grow brand awareness and increase retail sales. The design was minimal and functioned smoothly with AJAX search and cart features; I even custom developed a few PHP functions to meet the client’s unique shipping requirement. The site was a success, web traffic from Instagram was high but sales weren’t there yet, and we needed to know more about our target audience.

Learning From User Behavior

For the next 5 months we watched our Google Analytics reports under the leadership of our marketing consultant. Indicating high traffic volume and large drop-off rates, she recommended restructuring the site navigation and adding much-needed home page CTAs that entice users to explore more pages of the site.

Research-Based Redesign

The new and improved site design took a more centralized approach to the home page. Home CTAs were routinely updated by season, sales were added to promote urgency in the shop and product photography now featured models for scale. Given our Instagram audience, we added an entire page to showcase the influential women who have worn MOLA SASA products.

High fidelity design mockups provided during redesign phase.
Wireframe illustrations and overlaid user flows from the website redesign concept phase.

Integrating Marketing

With a more intuitive and user-friendly site we were now able to maximize leads from social media and email. We started a remarketing google display campaign, added the Instagram shop products feature and I developed a simple HTML email template to A/B test competing products and promotions.

Photo Credit: Josefina Santos

What We Learned

The website redesign taught us that nothing is as valuable as learning from your own users. Results from A/B testing in our email campaigns and behavior flow in Google Analytics helped gauge product interest and ultimately guided design for upcoming seasons. Additionally, we could now better manage inventory waste and offer exclusive promotions and event invitations to loyal customers.