Prototypes, Motion Graphics and Animations

  • Sketching
  • Wireframing
  • Hi-Fi Prototypes
  • Motion Graphics
  • UX Design
  • Interactive Design

The following interactive pieces showcase my ability to create interactive design: prototypes, microinteractions, animations and motion graphics. In addition to visuals, I provided the dev team style specifications using Zeplin and/or CSS. Animations below were designed in: Photoshop, After Effects, Framer, InVision and Principle.

Google leaderboard display ad created for summer remarketing campaign at a resort destination in Riveria Maya, Mexico.
SVG animation concept designed to mimic the property’s handrawn print branding aesthetic. Prototype created in After Effects and later developed with timed SVG linework. Project created with Junior Designer Sana Desai and Senior Developer Nick Vassos.
Left: Early on-boarding app concept animation designed in Principle. Right: Layered GIF designed with Sketch and animated in Photoshop.
Left: Contact form microinteraction designed and prototyped in Adobe XD. Right: Initial hand sketch concept. Final contact form developed using HTML, CSS and Javascript.
Large format event graphic marquee ad designed in After Effects with Junior Designer, Sana Desai.
Wireframes designed in Adobe Illustrator for 24-hour Accenture Hackathon event in Chicago. The dual interface app features a portrait dashboard for parents and landscape video game for kids.
Interactive walkthrough developed for Accenture Hackathon pitch. Designed in Adobe Illustrator and prototyped in Framer.