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Disrupting Real Estate

NelsonHill began as a commercial real estate startup by a group of agents who saw an opportunity to compete against industry giants with better research and refined marketing. Without restrictive corporate marketing policies, we had the freedom to experiment with deliverables and approach. However, our limited resources were eventually put to the test with little overhead and repeated trial and (quite a few) errors.

My Role

I led the design and marketing for this boutique real estate firm for five, formative years. I worked cross-functionally with web, print, marketing and photography vendors. During my tenure at NelsonHill, I was encouraged to take risks and make mistakes. I learned so much about digital, work flows and the power of research. The company relied on me to discover leading technology and present innovative solutions to expand service offerings and tackle inefficiency.

Getting Established

When I joined NelsonHill in 2012, the industry standard for marketing lacked sophisticated design and technology. Our team saw the competitive advantage to modernizing work flows, research and collateral. In response, I began by establishing brand guidelines, collateral templates and research criterion for top performing markets. Additionally, I oversaw the design and development of a responsive WordPress website and user-friendly property listing integration.

Growing Pains

With new systems in place, we began winning high profile listings and used them to leverage more business. We hired more agents and added service offerings to better serve our clients. But our agents weren’t satisfied with digital marketing. Real estate is unique in that each agent is an independent contractor managing his or her own business.

Digital Marketing Research

We needed a digital strategy that maintained corporate brand standards but also gave agents freedom to manage their own leads and email marketing. To offer an effective solution, I began my research by surveying agents’ needs and analyzing web traffic from current listings.

The surveys provided valuable insight into requested features and led me to a modular approach for presenting listing details, photos and research.

Drag-and-Drop Email Marketing

I trialed the interface of each leading email marketing provider but couldn’t find a solution that met our needs. Eventually, I discovered an innovative drag-and-drop email builder from StampReady that was both user friendly and modular. Using HTML, CSS and StampReady-specific tags I developed 12 responsive, editable modules with repeater tags that met our brand guidelines. Each agent was provided a pre-configured dashboard with listing modules and company guidelines for email marketing standards.

Custom collateral package including: branded floor plans, drone photography, renderings, property specs and neighborhood research.


The new digital marketing broker tool increased efficiency by decentralizing marketing efforts and allowing agents to have more ownership in their listings. It also gave the company an opportunity to partner with reputable development clients on both sales and marketing. To support our sales agents, I worked cross-functionally with our client’s team to create custom branded collateral.