10 years ago, I was studying architecture at the University of Michigan and planned to become a licensed architect.

I never expected to end up working in UX Design (I don’t even think I knew what it was). However, I was drawn to it for the same reason I was attracted to architecture: interaction and exploration.

I’ve always been motivated by discovery. My mom loves to recall a time when I was five years-old and pulled apart my battery-operated Power Wheels just to test how it worked! Over the years, discovery has given me frustration, joy and empathy for learners.

UX Design

I lean on user research and design thinking methodologies to create intuitive user experiences. UX Design may be relatively new, but solving problems for people as a profession has been around for a long time. I aim to make UX fun, not frustrating.

Visual Design

My design preferences are heavily inspired by my interests in mid-century modern furniture, contemporary art and architecture. Aesthetically, I’m attracted to clean and modern space, and it tends to permeate into my work.

Video from teamLab Borderless interactive digital art museum in Tokyo.